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Advisor Resources

Loring Ward offers a variety of tools and resources to help you grow your practice, build deeper relationships, and keep clients focused on what matters most — achieving their long-term goals.

How can I better
understand my
client’s needs?



Understand and clarify life and financial goals — then create a tailored financial plan designed to help make those goals possible.

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How can I build
a better



Use academic research and financial science to build an investment portfolio that aims to give the highest probability of achieving goals with the least amount of risk.

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How do I build
a more
referable business?



Provide discipline, perspective, and guidance to help clients stay focused on the long term and on track towards achieving what is most important.

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360 Discovery

The 360 Discovery is a comprehensive framework designed to uncover both a client’s emotional and financial information to help you deliver a better client experience. Unlike most Discovery systems, 360 Discovery focuses on life issues before financial issues. We believe that if you understand a client’s life issues, you will better understand his/her financial needs, concerns, opportunities, and goals. This comprehensive framework was designed to uncover both the emotional and practical information you need to deliver a better client experience.

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360 LifeMap

This editable Word version is a one-page overview of your firm’s financial solutions. You can use this document in prospect meetings, your website, Feedforward sessions, and as a conversation catalyst.

Customizable LifeMap

Effective Client Communications for Today’s Advisors White Paper

Have you ever wondered what your clients are really thinking? This white paper — documenting findings from an investor panel moderated by Michael Maslansky — is required reading for every Advisor.

White paper

Watch this 23-minute video of the investor panel
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Build Tools

Loring Ward offers a variety of tools to help you explain why clients should invest with you…and stay invested for the long term. These include our Gap Report, which allows you to compare any existing portfolio to a recommended portfolio, and the Volatility Center, which helps you educate clients on bear and bull markets.

Sample Gap Report
Smart Diversification (“Skittles Chart”) Asset Class Index Performance
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Building a Referable Business

Referrals are critical in growing and sustaining today’s advisory firm. Yet most advisors don’t have a referral strategy or understand who might be comfortable referring.

In partnership with Dan Allison, Loring Ward designed an approach that starts with your client. Through gaining invaluable insights in a “Feedforward Session” about what they value, you can build a more referable business and turn willing advocates into capable advocates.

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5 Ways to Make Your Business More Referable
Exercise: Hate to Lose, Love to Duplicate

Featured Resources

Loring Ward: A Better Wealth Experience

This tri-fold brochure outlines how Loring Ward’s services and support can help you better address your clients’ planning and investment needs.


The Wealth Solution

Many of us feel unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with all of our important financial issues in a coordinated, knowledgeable way. The Wealth Solution offers a compelling way to think about your wealth , investing, and your financial future. It offers a clear roadmap to help answer the key question: “What should I be doing with my money to provide the life I want most?”

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Is a TAMP Right for Your Practice?

This guide is designed to help advisors who may be considering whether or not to outsource and use a TAMP for their practice.


Making the Transition to a Fee-Based Practice

Once you have made the decision to transition from commissions to a fee-based business, the hardest part of the process is behind you. This guide is designed to give you a step-by-step plan to help ensure a smooth transition for your clients, your staff, and you.


Supporting and guiding Advisors is what we love to do. It’s in our DNA.

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