Your conference room is where you will typically spend the most time with clients and prospects, going through your Discovery (and Rediscovery) process, holding quarterly reviews, and making presentations.  You want a conference room flexible enough to accommodate different types of meetings and client preferences and one that allows you to quickly access and show PowerPoints, reports, and charts. It is best to include both more relaxed seating as well as a table and chairs.

Some things to consider…

Comfortable Seating – Should allow for a variety of flexible arrangements and be easy for seniors to get in/out of

TV/Screen/AV Equipment – Allows you to show educational materials and presentations, walk through tools and reports (such as the Gap), and even video conference

LifeMap – A great way to introduce and highlight your life-first approach to advice and planning. You may also want to display some of your credentials, such as a CFP certification. This can help make clients more receptive to your expertise

Brochure Rack – Showcases the brochures you use most. Also should contain your standard new-client packages

Coffee Table – Facilitates more open, intimate conversations than the standard large conference table many advisors currently use

Dream Wall – Showcase photos from clients achieving their dreams, such as travel, second home, putting kids/grandkids through college. Highlights your focus on relationships and helping clients achieve what matters most to them

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