Standard & Poor’s Index vs. Active report (SPIVA), the DOL Fiduciary Rule, how to be more persuasive, and presidential elections were among the most popular topics in Loring Ward’s blog during 2017.

Here are links to our 10 most-read blogs:

  1. So You’re Tell Me There’s a Chance: A look at the latest SPIVA report, the industry scorecard for how well active managers have done compared to their respective benchmarks
  2. Insights on the DOL Fiduciary Rule: Answers to a few key questions about the DOL rule, including BICE and levelized compensation (Note: There have been changes to the rule since this blog was published)
  3. Becoming More Persuasive #1 — Freedom: Language, tools, and techniques that can help you become more persuasive — a vital skill for making sure more investors are receptive to the advice and guidance they need
  4. Why You Are Not Like Most Financial Advisors: Of the more than 300,000 financial advisors in the U.S., only about 5,000 use an Asset Class Investing approach
  5. Becoming More Persuasive #2 — Reciprocity: Ideas to foster reciprocity with clients and prospective clients
  6. Presidents and Your Portfolio: Presidential elections tend to be less important than many of the other factors that drive stock prices
  7. An Open Letter to Generation X: How to prepare for what can sometimes feel like a role reversal rollercoaster
  8. Rollover Guide for Level-Fee Advisors Under the New Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule: Steps advisors should take with a rollover from a 401(k) plan to an IRA (Note: There have been changes to the rule since this blog was published)
  9. It’s Always a Good Time to Talk About Risk and Volatility: Don’t forget about risk and volatility when markets are on the rise
  10. Loring Ward Market Commentary Q1 2017: A report on market and economic conditions from Q1 to provide investors with perspective

Happy New Year!