At Loring Ward’s recent National Education Conference in San Diego, more than 150 financial advisors gathered to learn new ideas from industry experts and from one another. Here is just a sample of what they heard:
“We are honored that you have decided to entrust so many of your clients’ savings to us…and the hopes and dreams these savings represent. Helping clients with the challenges and opportunities of aging and navigating retirement is becoming increasingly important. This is personal for all of us. We want to help you help your clients, but we all have parents and grandparents who need help and guidance throughout retirement.”
Alex Potts, President and CEO, Loring Ward
“If you specialize in retirement, does it say that on your website? Could I go on your website and get links to Medicare, AARP and other resources to help with retirement? If you are a retirement advisor, you should be the source of information — and not just financial information — for your clients.”
Barry LaValley, president, Retirement Lifestyle Center
“We need to redefine retirement to account for the fact that it isn’t a destination — it is a journey. Focus on additional resources (such as what to ask and when), income planning, cognitive decline and other healthcare issues. Shift from being the expert to knowing where the experts are.”
Heather Hooper, VP, Retirement Services, Loring Ward
“You do for your clients what no robo-advisor can. Robo-advisors do not reason with clients, empathize or persuade. Robo-advisors do not know clients’ personality and habits. It is sacred work that you do — very much like a physician, professor or clergy. You more than touch their lives; you help them with their lives.”
Meir Statman, Glenn Klimeck Professor of Finance at Santa Clara University and member of Loring Ward’s Investment Committee
“People misuse data to justify why they do things. Active managers are not able to time the market or factors. Some people really feel like they can time the market – they are not trying to fool you;, they are fooling themselves.”
Robert Novy-Marks, Lori and Alan S. Zekelman Professor of Business Administration, Simon Business School in the University of Rochester
“One of the greatest things anyone ever said to me: ‘Dr. Markowitz, I want to thank you for creating the field in which we all make our living.’ Now that’s got to be better than a Nobel Prize!”
Harry Markowitz, recipient of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences and recipient of the 2016 Loring Ward Heritage Award
“You can’t believe everything you think. Incredible people compare themselves with their potential. Average people compare themselves with other people… Forgiveness is a decision not an emotion. Forgiveness is not the same as trust. It is hard to do battle with an enemy that has a fort in your head.”
Andy Andrews, best-selling author