Nearly 200 advisors gathered with Loring Ward employees and partners at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs for Loring Ward’s annual National Education Conference. Advisors heard from guest speakers, spent an afternoon exploring our Design | Build | Protect Experience Walk, and strengthened old friendships and created new ones.

Here are some of our favorites quotes from this year’s conference:

Be present in times of crisis. You want a friend for life? You put their interests ahead of yourself in times of crisis.
– Alex Potts

I’m proud of the legacy we’ve created together. I think that we’ve built something that should sustain itself way beyond our lifetimes. Thank all of you for what you do to make all of this possible.
– Alan Werba, Chairman of the Board and recipient of the Heritage Award

You’re in a rapidly-growing market and you’re in the right place at the right time.
– Chip Roame

As a broker becomes a wealth manager, the “product” becomes “the experience.”
– Gene Fama, Jr.

During a crisis is not the time to start a relationship, it’s the time to have a relationship.
– Bernie Clark

When the lips disappear, troubles are near… When your clients exhibit these discomfort behaviors, that’s your opportunity to find out what troubles them. Because if you keep talking, you’re wasting your time.
– Joe Navarro

In the experience economy, the customer is the product. Think of your boardroom as just a stage, and ask yourself: What would I have to do to charge people admission to get in here?
– Dennis Moseley-Williams

The words we use matter: “Imagine” and “You deserve” are powerful. If you want to be successful in 2017, it’s not about making the sale, it’s about making a friend.
– Frank Luntz

Look for future blog posts where we will explore these topics further!

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