In 2017, the second annual Investor Feedback Survey gathered opinions from nearly 19,000 clients of advisors across over 400 firms globally.

The feedback provided insight into many aspects of a client’s experience. Advisors learned why and how their clients chose them, what clients expect from an advisory relationship, and how they perceive the value of advice. Respondents also indicated their preferred communication methods and frequency of advisor contact, as well as topics they would like their advisor to discuss.

The advisor community’s favorable response to the initiative encouraged Loring Ward and Dimensional Fund Advisors to offer the survey multiple times a year, beginning in 2018.

How It Works

The survey is open to firms that work with Loring Ward or Dimensional. It is administered through an online questionnaire that takes a respondent less than 5 minutes to complete. The survey gathers high-level demographic information, including client age, gender, and investable assets, and features rotating themes.

Advisors can survey all clients in a single “fielding” period or survey different client segments over multiple periods. Each survey is live for about three weeks during the survey fielding period(s).

2019 Survey Schedule

Q1 2019 Feb 19–Mar 17
Q2 2019 May 14–Jun 9

Before launch, a firm selects survey fielding period(s) and the number of online links needed for client segmentation. Email templates and other resources are available to help a firm administer the survey.

After the survey closes, participating firms receive a customized report comparing their anonymous client responses to survey-wide results.

Advisors can view the results for each fielding period and aggregate results for multiple periods.

Survey Benefits

  1. Evaluates your value offering from the client’s viewpoint
  2. Identifies ways to improve service efficiency
  3. Defines factors that may shape client expectations
  4. Helps you identify areas of opportunity and potential risks
  5. Supports business development and client retention

Click here to learn more about the Investor Survey, fielding periods, benefits and more. If you would like to participate, please be sure to “Opt-in”  by January 25, 2019.

Survey Highlights

1 Results from the 2016 survey, which gathered opinions from 14,505 clients across 303 participating US advisory firms.

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R 19-002

Investor Survey responses are not exclusively from Loring Ward advisors/clients. Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) conducts the study and provides infrastructure and reporting. Loring Ward provides consulting, insights, and perspectives. This material is provided solely for informational purposes. All information in this report is given in good faith. The information in this report is as reported to Dimensional by study participants. Dimensional has not undertaken independent verification or confirmation of any facts reported to it set forth herein. Dimensional is under no obligation to, and does not undertake to, advise the recipient of any changes to any information presented herein of which it may become aware. Dimensional does not accept any responsibility and cannot be held liable for any person’s use of or reliance on the information and opinions reported herein.