Most advisors have similar goals: to grow their businesses and attract new qualified clients, all while delivering a better client experience. I remember when I was an advisor one of my biggest challenges was differentiating myself from the herd (this area is also consistently cited in Benchmarking studies as a top challenge). What did I have to offer a client that was so different — and better — than the other advisor down the road?
One way advisors can stand out is by using an effective Discovery process. Our profession has a myriad of “Discovery systems” out there and no doubt you’ve tried a few already, perhaps to varying degrees of success.
Several years ago, Loring Ward introduced 360 Discovery — a simpler, more scalable approach to helping clients across all the areas of their lives, not just their finances.
Since then we have significantly enhanced the approach — based on real-world feedback from advisors like you. This is the beauty and frankly the simplicity of our 360 Discovery process. It is researched-based, just like our investment philosophy.
360 Discovery can address many challenges including:

  • Differentiating yourself from other advisors
  • Better connecting with new clients, including the next generation and spouses
  • Managing client relationships more efficiently — including those transitioning into retirement

You are probably already having some of these “life” conversations with your clients. Our approach serves to enhance those conversations, streamline your process and carry it through for the life of the client relationship in a way that helps you deliver an integrated client experience.
Recently I was talking to Josh Koehnen of Premiere Wealth Advisors and he shared his thoughts about our 360 approach and how it has helped elevate his practice:
“As I continued to provide more comprehensive wealth advisory services to my clients, I sought out a couple other discovery systems to help. However, they were complicated and time-consuming to use. What I found in 360 Discovery was an approach I could tailor to my unique practice that was much simpler to use.”
Those of you who are planning to attend our 2015 National Education Conference (NEC) in Colorado this October can learn more about 360 Discovery in our expert-lead applied session. You can also learn how to seamlessly integrate 360 Discovery into your practice through the Design | Build | Protect framework and Redtail CRM Workflows. The opportunity to study our approach, while collaborating and discussing its real-world applications with your peers, is invaluable. If you’re interested in learning more about the 2015 NEC, please visit
I invite you to take a new look at 360 Discovery here:
We often say that it’s important to have an investment philosophy. The same is true of client discovery. Whether you use Loring Ward’s or another system, just make sure you have one and use it consistently.