It’s that time of year when we should be thankful for our health, our friends/family and our business opportunities. Something I do every year at this time is to assess how things are going in those three areas of my life and what I’ve done — under my control — to make them the best I can.


Here are a couple of helpful suggestions for the New Year:


  1. Make sure to have a health check-up and in case of emergency have a continuity plan in place for your business. Your family, friends and clients are depending on it.

  3. Make sure to balance your time between family/friends and your business. I often talk with advisors who spend too much time at the business and as a result get caught in business jargon and forget how to relate to people. (If you wonder how you fare in this area, start conducting feedforward sessions — a type of feedback session — with your clients. The responses may surprise you).

  5. As stewards for other people’s financial affairs, we should always be thankful for the responsibility entrusted to us. Be sure to thank your clients, friends and family for the opportunity to serve them.

I hope 2014 was a fantastic year on all fronts for you, and that 2015 — with a little relationship-focused planning — will be even better.