Your office is where you will do much of your work and planning so it should be enjoyable to spend time in and efficiently laid out. It should also be tidy — no stacks of paper. You want to set it up so you can hold intimate client meetings here or sign documents. Finally, your office should reflect your personality and achievements.

Some things to consider…

Family Photos – Help showcase your personality and add a warm, personal touch.

Smart Speaker, such as Amazon Echo – Keep track of information for client meetings (for example, record things you want to discuss with a specific client). Control the lights and temperature. Check your calendar and schedule meetings. Order just about anything from office supplies to an Uber. Get the latest news and weather.

Table & 2 or 3 chairs – Good for signing paperwork or when you need to collaborate more closely with clients.

Framed Fiduciary Oath – A reminder to clients that you will always act in their best interests.

Skittles Chart – Powerful tool for educating and re-educating clients on Asset Class Investing, especially diversification.

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