If you’re looking for ways to become more integral to your clients this year, here are some ideas that Barry LaValley, founder of the Retirement Lifestyle Center, presented at our 2016 National Education Conference:

  1. Develop a value proposition for your practice that focuses on what you do for your retirement clients.
  2. Build a team of experts within your community and firm who can provide additional information for aging clients.
  3. Adopt a discovery process that focuses on life issues that will drive financial planning decisions.
  4. Incorporate your retirement value proposition into your client materials, website, social media presence, etc.
  5. Build a library of resources that focuses on all aspects of aging, associated services and community resources to support your clients.
  6. Adopt an income- and goal-based planning and investment approach.
  7. Develop a Center of Influence strategy through partnerships with other key experts.
  8. Conduct rediscovery meetings with your existing clients to expand upon your approach to retirement planning.
  9. Offer a client education program to coach clients on the relationship between life issues and retirement planning.
  10. Become a resource in your community on retirement and aging issues by developing a media presence to let your community know that this is your area of specialty.

While it’s not realistic to accomplish all of these overnight, it is important to recognize that your clients’ expectations and needs will continue to evolve, shift and rise as the years pass. After all, retirement is not an end destination; it’s a multi-phased journey that spans decades, and your clients are looking to you to help them navigate the peaks and valleys in a way that inspires confidence, dignity and independence.

With approximately 10,000 people turning 65 every day1, there is vast opportunity to help more people, and to help them in a more comprehensive and meaningful way for a long, long time…if you are positioned appropriately.

So set aside time to rate where you’re at on a scale of 1-10 for each item, prioritize your to-dos for 2017, and ask how we can best support your efforts. We’re ready to help.

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1“Baby Boomers Retire,” Pew Research Center