As we prepare to ring in a new year, we took a look back at 2015’s Advisor Insights blogs: 55 articles by 17 authors. In case you missed a few, here are our 10 most-read blog posts in 2015:

  1. Another Blow to Active Management
  2. Picking Winners and Losers — It’s Anyone’s Guess
  3. “Bridging” the Performance Question
  4. A Grexit Everyone Saw Coming
  5. What Every Client Wants: A Leader WITHOUT Numbers
  6. Keep Your Eye on the Ball – What Baseball Can Teach us About Investing
  7. The Last Redoubt of Active Management—Down Markets?
  8. Why Not 100% Equities?
  9. Coffee or Relationships—What Business are You Really In?
  10. Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

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Happy New Year!