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August 2017 Portfolio Perspectives – Investors: Beware of the Gambler’s Fallacy

This is our final issue of Portfolio Perspectives, but you can continue to find timely information for investors from our Portfolio Strategy & Research Group on our blog.

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July 2017 Portfolio Perspective – What if Rip Van Winkle Invested in the U.S. Stock Market?

This hypothetical look at Rip Van Winkle as an investor is a good reminder of why keeping a long-term perspective is important, even when headlines may tempt us to pull out of the stock market.

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June 2017 Portfolio Perspective – Markets Reward Long–Term Investors — Most Stocks Don’t

New research shows why successful stock picking is so hard.

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May 2017 Portfolio Perspectives – Putting All Your Eggs in Many Baskets — The Power of Diversification

See how diversification may help shield your portfolio from large losses.

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April 2017 Portfolio Perspective – Help your clients better understand risk and return.

What can skydiving teach us about investing? It teaches about risk and reward, and can give you a perspective on risk that may change the way you think about investing.

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March 2017 Portfolio Perspective – Why Uncertainty Might Just Be an Investor’s Best Friend

With many stock market indices at all-time highs, Washington awash in political turmoil and unsettling news around the globe, many investors may be unsure what to do next.

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February 2017 Portfolio Perspective – The Folly of Chasing Dividend Yield

The temptation to chase yield may be strong but investors should focus on total returns rather than dividends.

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January 2017 Portfolio Perspective – Financial Risk through a Wide-Angle Lens

Advisors must consider risk beyond the traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds when designing a long-term investment plan.

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November 2016 Portfolio Perspective – Thoughts on Predictions and the 2016 Election (PDF) (1M)

This month’s issue reminds investors that a portfolio built for the long term is just as valid today as it was yesterday, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office or whether the stock market is up or down.

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October 2016 Portfolio Perspective – How to Lose Money (PDF) (1M)

Dr. Harry Markowitz, winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economic Science and member of the Loring Ward Investment Committee, shares his best advice on how to lose money.

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