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We provide a number of tools and resources focused on helping you grow your business and build deeper client relationships.

Durable Investment Philosophy
Integrated Client Advisory Process
Proactive Client Services
Dynamic Education & Peer Community

Durable Investment Philosophy

Academically based portfolios are constructed with the aim of capturing the returns of the global bond and stock markets to help clients reach their long-term goals.

Our Asset Class Investing philosophy is based on almost nine decades of data, analysis and research, insights from behavioral finance and close relationships with leading academics — including our Investment Committee members, Dr. Meir Statman and Nobel Laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz.

We use the latest academic science to design, rebalance and monitor our model portfolios and utilize building blocks advised or subadvised by leading money managers, such as Dimensional Fund Advisors, to implement the portfolios.

Since trading, fees and expenses can have a real impact on performance, all Loring Ward portfolios are managed to help control risks, control costs and minimize taxes.

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Investment Management Tools

  • Portfolio Gap Analysis shows potential gaps between current and recommended portfolios, including asset allocation, global diversification, equity & fixed income characteristics and expenses
  • Calculators that help make it easier to analyze and make portfolio decisions for each client
  • Investment Planning Center – built with MoneyGuidePro inside. Run Monte Carlo Scenarios, Income Plans, generate an Investment Policy Statement and more

Loring Ward Investment Committee

Building and monitoring portfolios requires both deep analytical expertise and a profound understanding of human behavior. Loring Ward’s Investment Committee determines appropriate investment strategies, opportunities and providers to help meet both current and future investor needs. The Committee is made up of Loring Ward professionals, including Payel Farasat, M.Sc., our Chief Investment Strategist, as well as Dr. Harry Markowitz, Nobel Laureate and father of Modern Portfolio Theory and Dr. Meir Statman, Behavioral Finance pioneer. Learn More

Range of Portfolio Model Options for Every Investor

Looking at the long-term history of investing, one thing becomes absolutely clear: you have a better chance of achieving your clients’ goals if you help them invest broadly in markets and don’t try to guess what specific stocks or sectors or even countries will do next. With this in mind, all of Loring Ward’s Portfolio Model Strategies seek to put the broad-based power of global markets to work for investors.

  • Global Portfolio Series (DFA Funds): With as many as 10,000 Securities from 45 Countries, representing 35 Currencies, these seven model portfolios offer broad global diversification with a traditional, unbundled fee approach. With overweights toward value, small cap and profitable equities and a significant international equity allocation, the Global Portfolio Series models are designed for investors who are comfortable with international investing and the multi-factor approach.
  • Tax-Managed – Global Portfolio Series (DFA Funds): The same models and options as the regular DFA Funds Global Series, but with the goal of trying to manage overall tax liabilities.
  • Global Portfolio Series (SA Funds): Like the DFA Funds – Global Series, the SA Funds Series features seven globally-diversified model portfolios built with 9 asset class funds. Sub-advised by Dimensional Fund Advisors, the SA Funds take an innovative bundled-fee approach.
  • Distribution Portfolio Series (SA and DFA Funds): Loring Ward’s Distribution Portfolio Series (DPS) are globally-diversified model portfolios designed to accommodate the needs of investors (primarily retirees) for periodic distributions from their portfolios. The portfolios aim to achieve this by shifting to a more liquid asset allocation while maintaining equity market exposure. In addition, these portfolios are designed with the intention of helping address investor concerns about their current distribution needs.
  • Sustainability Global Series: These portfolios employ a rigorous screening process to invest in a broad array of U.S. and international publicly-traded corporations that are committed to a greener, environmentally-sustainable future.
  • Socially Responsible Investing Series: For clients concerned about aligning their investments with their values and beliefs, these portfolios invest in thousands of U.S. and international publicly-traded corporations that meet a number of socially-responsible screens.

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The DFA Funds are sponsored by Dimensional Fund Advisors and distributed by DFA Securities LLC. Consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the DFA Funds carefully before investing. The prospectus and if available, summary prospectus, contain this and other information about the DFA Funds. To obtain a prospectus, summary prospectus, additional information about the DFA Funds, or performance data current to the most recent month-end, please call Dimensional Fund Advisors collect at 512-306-7400; or visit www.dimensional.com; or contact Dimensional Fund Advisors by mail at DFA Securities LLC, c/o Dimensional Fund Advisors, Palisades West, 6300 Bee Cave Road, Building One, Austin, TX 78746. Please read the prospectus and summary prospectus carefully before investing.

The SA Funds are sponsored by LWI Financial Inc. (“Loring Ward”) and distributed by its affiliate, Loring Ward Securities Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the SA Funds carefully before investing. The prospectus and summary prospectus contain this and other information about the SA Funds. To obtain a prospectus, summary prospectus, additional information about the SA Funds, or performance data current to the most recent month-end, please call, toll-free, 1-800-366-7266 or visit www.sa-funds.net. Please read the prospectus and summary prospectus carefully before investing.

Dimensional Fund Advisors is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is not affiliated with LWI Financial Inc.

Innovative Retirement Plan Solution

Loring Ward Total Retirement, our retirement plan solution, brings together all the necessary components and service providers to support your retirement plan business that help you manage the relationship and monitor the plan. We offer:

  • Professionally built, managed and monitored portfolios designed by our Investment Committee
  • ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary coverage on the models and the individual investments used to build the models
  • ERISA 404(c) compliance QDIA (Qualified Default Investment Alternative), offering plan fiduciaries additional protection
  • Performance reporting
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Rebalancing
  • Participant-directed marketing, communications and educational materials including brochures, investment education, quarterly participant presentations, newsletters and more
  • Assistance with management and coordination of service providers, billing and contracts
  • Cost comparisons
  • Plan design reviews
  • Conversion support
  • Advisor support (education, marketing, proposals, prospecting, field support, compliance, presentation support, etc.)

Integrated Client Advisory Process

Design | Build | Protect Advisory Process

Our Design | Build | Protect process offers a complete system of tools, technology, practice management and best practices to help you deliver more value to your clients and address what they need for every phase of life.

And we help you implement — with practical hands-on guidance — so you can consistently deliver a better wealth experience for your own clients:

  • Design and clarify your clients’ life and financial goals with our 360 Discovery system — then create a tailored financial plan with an optimized version of MoneyGuide Pro.
  • Build a better plan, using academic research and financial science to help give clients the highest probability of achieving their goals with the least amount of risk.
  • Protect this plan with education and insight to help clients stay focused on the long term and on track towards achieving their dreams.

Everything is seamlessly integrated across all client life phases. And we have work stream integration with Redtail CRM, making implementation significantly easier. In addition, our flexible framework adapts to a wide variety of different practices, service models, client types and team structures.

Finally, so that more clients can benefit from your advice, we’ve designed a special Feedforward system to help you assess your client relationships, cross-educate clients and ultimately earn more referrals.

Wide Range of Educational Marketing Materials Help You Scale

  • Most marketing materials are white labeled and written in the Advisor’s voice. Many materials can be customized with your logo and contact information
  • Our materials help you educate on important topics such as planning, investment philosophy and retirement (even helping kids learn about money)
  • Monthly, quarterly and timely commentary
  • Quarter-in-Review Webinars
  • Customizable monthly e-newsletters and ghost written articles

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Proactive Client Services

Our open architecture platform and services can enhance your productivity, free up your time and expand your capabilities to help deliver a better client experience.

Robust Operational Capabilities

  • A next generation technology platform to easily create proposals, review and monitor client accounts and run custom reporting
  • Full suite of services from custom rebalancing to cash management to tax-loss harvesting
  • E-signature and comprehensive online account forms for all the custodians we work with
  • Automated and seamless billing of client accounts on your behalf

Industry Insights & Relationships

  • Partnerships with the largest RIA custodians in the industry: Fidelity, Pershing, Schwab, TD Ameritrade
  • Specially negotiated custodian pricing and services
  • Perspective and actionable insights on the ins and outs of financial services and industry trends, as well as ever-changing custodial requirements
  • Education and insights to keep you up to date on the nuances of the compliance industry

Customized Client Account Services

  • Online client portal and performance statements, both of which can be branded with your logo
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Monthly, quarterly and timely commentary
  • Flexible, on-demand reporting

Personalized Service & Support

  • Training of Advisor staff, including our special in-person Keystone Program
  • Tenured team of Brokerage Operations professionals with extensive functional expertise
  • Dedicated Service Team who understand and advocate for you and your clients

Dynamic Education & Peer Community

40+ Regional & National Events a Year

Learn best practices, network with other Advisors, build deeper relationships and stay connected with Loring Ward’s investment philosophy and resources. 40+ events per year are held both locally and nationally. You can choose from a variety of events such as:

  • Monthly webinars
  • Regional study groups
  • Regional events
  • National study groups
  • National Introductory & Advanced Conferences
  • Keystone Training for Support Staff
  • Admired Advisor

Extensive Online Library of Resources

  • MyAdvisorCenter, our dedicated one-stop shop for Advisors, provides access to a wide range of materials including videos, tools, newsletters and brochures
  • Timely ideas and insights from our special blog for advisors https://loringward.com/blog/.

Team of Experts

From Marketing to Practice Management to Investment Management, we have an experienced team of specialists who can consult with you and provide insights and direction.

Local Support across the U.S.

Our Regional Directors act as true consultants to your business. They are located throughout the U.S. and are backed by a team of experienced internal specialists to support you.

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Everything You Need to Provide a Better Wealth Experience

Supporting and guiding Advisors is what we love to do. It’s in our DNA.

Check out the list of our services. Or if you'd like a guided tour, talk with one of our Regional Directors and experience the Loring Ward difference today.