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Investment Committee Brochure

Meet the people responsible for building and managing Loring Ward’s portfolios

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Design | Build | Protect – Our Advisory Process for Clients

This brochure details a comprehensive 3-step approach that starts with identifying goals, moves to the three decisions every investor has to make and concludes with helping protect investors from emotional decisions and trying to outguess the market.

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Fundamentals of Asset Class Investing Brochure

This 16-page brochure explains the key tenets of Asset Class Investing, including its potential advantages over both active management and traditional indexing.

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August 2017 Portfolio Perspectives – Investors: Beware of the Gambler’s Fallacy

This is our final issue of Portfolio Perspectives, but you can continue to find timely information for investors from our Portfolio Strategy & Research Group on our blog.

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July 2017 Portfolio Perspective – What if Rip Van Winkle Invested in the U.S. Stock Market?

This hypothetical look at Rip Van Winkle as an investor is a good reminder of why keeping a long-term perspective is important, even when headlines may tempt us to pull out of the stock market.

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June 2017 Portfolio Perspective – Markets Reward Long–Term Investors — Most Stocks Don’t

New research shows why successful stock picking is so hard.

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Press Release – Loring Ward Hosts 24th National Education Conference (NEC)

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Press Release – Loring Ward to Merge with BAM Advisor Services.

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Press Release – Loring Ward Publishes Book to Help Families with Special Needs Children

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What if the Stock Market Dropped 20%?

Would you throw up, give up or stay the course? Investors share their perspectives.

Masters Of Modern Finance – Meir Statman

Find out what behavioral finance expert Meir Statman has to say about the role our emotions play in making decisions.

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