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April 2017 Portfolio Perspective – Help your clients better understand risk and return.

What can skydiving teach us about investing? It teaches about risk and reward, and can give you a perspective on risk that may change the way you think about investing.

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March 2017 Portfolio Perspective – Why Uncertainty Might Just Be an Investor’s Best Friend

With many stock market indices at all-time highs, Washington awash in political turmoil and unsettling news around the globe, many investors may be unsure what to do next.

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February 2017 Portfolio Perspective – The Folly of Chasing Dividend Yield

The temptation to chase yield may be strong but investors should focus on total returns rather than dividends.

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Investment Committee Brochure

Meet the people responsible for building and managing Loring Ward’s portfolios

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A Foundation of Excellence

This brochure explains our overall approach to building portfolios, why we chose to work with Dimensional Fund Advisors more than 20 years ago, and why we continue to work with them today.

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Design | Build | Protect – Our Advisory Process for Clients

This brochure details a comprehensive 3-step approach that starts with identifying goals, moves to the three decisions every investor has to make and concludes with helping protect investors from emotional decisions and trying to outguess the market.

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Press Release – Loring Ward awarded Dr. Harry Markowitz its Heritage Award at their National Education Conference in San Diego.

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Press Release – Loring Ward Launches Redesigned Website

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Press Release – An Open Letter to Advisors Working with Curian

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What if the Stock Market Dropped 20%?

Would you throw up, give up or stay the course? Investors share their perspectives.

Masters Of Modern Finance – Meir Statman

Find out what behavioral finance expert Meir Statman has to say about the role our emotions play in making decisions.

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