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Investment Solutions

Looking at the long-term history of investing, one thing becomes absolutely clear: you have a better chance of achieving your clients’ goals if you help them invest broadly in markets and don’t try to guess what specific stocks or sectors or even countries will do next. With this in mind, all of Loring Ward’s Portfolio Model Strategies seek to put the broad-based power of global markets to work for investors.

Global Portfolio Series (SA, DFA & Tax-Managed Funds)

With as many as 10,000 Securities from 45 Countries, representing 35 Currencies, these seven model portfolios offer broad global diversification with a traditional, unbundled fee approach. With overweights toward value, small cap and profitable equities and a significant international equity allocation, the Global Portfolio Series models (built with funds advised or sub-advised by DFA) are designed for investors who are comfortable with international investing and the multi-factor approach. Tax-managed options are also available.

Sustainability Global Series

These portfolios employ a rigorous screening process to invest in a broad array of U.S. and international publicly-traded corporations that are committed to a greener, environmentally-sustainable future.

Socially Responsible Investing Series

For clients concerned about aligning their investments with their values and beliefs, these portfolios invest in thousands of U.S. and international publicly-traded corporations that meet a number of socially-responsible screens.

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