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Investor Education

Loring Ward believes that educating yourself about investing and planning can make a real difference in achieving your most important long-term goals. Here you can find a number of financial resources to help empower you with insights and perspective.

Do I have the
right plan
for my goals?


Understand what is most important to you personally and financially in order to put together the best possible long-term plan.

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How can I
invest with
greater confidence?


How you choose to invest your money for the long term could have major implications for your overall success.

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What else
should I know
as an investor?

Additional Resources

Additional resources and information to help you make more informed financial decisions.

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Planning Resources

Design | Build | Protect

This brochure outlines a comprehensive planning and investment process to help investors achieve their long-term goals. It starts with identifying goals, moves to the three decisions every investor has to make and concludes with strategies for protecting the plan from emotional decisions and trying to outguess the market.

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Getting from Here to Tomorrow

Learn about the importance of saving for retirement, especially making saving automatic and starting early. Discover how inflation can impact savings, and how even small amounts saved can make a big difference over time.

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The Wealth Solution Book

This book, which is the result of extensive research and collaboration by senior members of the Loring Ward team, offers a compelling new way to think about wealth, investing and long-term financial goals. It offers a clear roadmap to help investors navigate all aspects of their finances and answer the key question: “What should I be doing with my money to provide the life I want most?”

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Investing Resources

4 Steps to an Effective Portfolio

A quick explanation of the key steps of Asset Class Investing: Let markets work for you, use financial science to build a portfolio, manage risks through diversification, and invest for the long term.

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Fundamentals of Asset Class Investing

This 15-page brochure explains the key tenets of Asset Class Investing, including its potential advantages over both active management and traditional indexing.

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Loring Ward’s Investment Committee

Use this brochure to demonstrate the range of investment management and portfolio strategy expertise available to you through Loring Ward.

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Masters of Modern Finance Video: Meir Statman

Find out what Loring Ward Investment Committee member Dr. Meir Statman has to say about the role our emotions play in making decisions.

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Best Time to Invest Video (1927 – 2016)

See how $1 invested in the U.S. Total Stock Market grew over the last nine decades, as well as what was in the headlines in Time Magazine. As the video shows, short-term news events generally had little impact on long-term market growth.

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Smart Diversification (“Skittles Charts”) Asset Class Index Performance

The “Skittles Charts” are a great way to learn about the randomness of investment returns from one year to the next, reinforcing the importance of diversification and the potential benefits of Asset Class Investing as an alternative to active management. We have several versions available, including asset returns and asset returns vs. diversified portfolios.

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Additional Resources

What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

This 4-page guide offers a number of questions to ask any advisor with whom you are considering working.

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360 Insights Client Newsletter

Distributed quarterly, this newsletter helps investors better understand Asset Class Investing and explains recent financial developments and behavioral finance issues.

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Your Legacy of Care — Providing for Your Special Needs Child Today, Tomorrow & Always

This book is a practical guide on how to address the lifelong financial and care requirements of a family member with a disability. It covers everything from the challenges and opportunities of everyday living to educational to wills and trusts and ensuring a child’s lifelong care.

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