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Our Story

Loring Ward was founded in 1990 by three financial planners in Silicon Valley — Carl Reinhardt, Alan Werba and John Bowen — who wanted to provide their clients with a better experience. They had a vision to build a different kind of financial services company that was based on two fundamental principles:

  1. Offer a comprehensive, fee-based solution built upon a common-sense investment philosophy that Advisors would never have to apologize for.
  2. Help Advisors spend more time on what matters most — educating, advising and serving clients — by minimizing non-client facing tasks.

Nothing even remotely like this existed, so they decided to create it themselves.

Throughout our journey we’ve consistently focused on redefining advice and create a better wealth experience.

This is what drives us to stay ahead of change and constantly innovate — because a great experience is never static.

Over the years, we’ve added new tools, new resources, new products, new services…each one specifically intended to enhance the experience of our clients. Though much has changed, we have never waivered from our founder’s original, transformative vision.

Creating a Better Wealth Experience Since 1990