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Trey Nelson
VP – Regional Director
South Territory
Home Base: Phoenix, AZ
Email: tnelson@loringward.com
Phone: 669.226.6324

Personal Bio

Tell us a little about how you help Advisors:

Being a financial advisor for 12 years gives me the perspective to understand how difficult, and also how rewarding, our profession can be. You’re not just building client relationships that can last a lifetime, but you’re seeing those clients through major life milestones. I really love being a catalyst to help other Advisors build those kinds of long-term, meaningful relationships.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

The most important thing to me is my family. My parents, siblings and our families are very close and we have a 30-year tradition of taking a beach trip together. My wife and I love traveling and are definitely “foodies.” We both work hard so we can spend as much time as possible experiencing new places. We also enjoy volunteering, usually working with children through some form of education.

Professional Bio

As a Regional Director, Trey Nelson enjoys being a catalyst to help advisors build long-term, meaningful relationships with their clients. Trey understands how difficult, and also how rewarding, being a financial advisor can be, having served as an advisor for 12 years.

Trey has been part of Loring Ward’s Advisor Relations team since 2009. Previously, Trey was with a national financial services firm, leaving in 2003 to establish his own advisory practice, Sovereign Wealth Management. As partner and principle he built a $40 million practice in five years.